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TameWolf Petfoods

  • Can I feed this to my cats?
    Yes! As our products are simply raw meat products any carnivorous animal can enjoy TameWolf petfoods.
  • Can I feed this to my pets Raw?
    Yes! Personally I feed my large dogs straight from the freezer. they seem to prefer chewing the blocks, But I have friends whose dogs will slowly lick blocks and prefer it defrosted. Dogs can have different opions just like people.
  • How can I find you?
    We have a facebook page "Tamewolf Raw Petfood" that has our most up to date locations. Te Aroha wed 2pm-6pm, morrinsville thur 12pm-6pm, matamata fri 2pm-6pm.
  • Do you deliver?
    No, not at this stage. We hope to change this in early 2022.
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