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Tame Wolf began with Jacob Hatten, a Waikato local and concerned dog owner. Jacob, having worked in a local pet food abattoir, 

Having taken a job at a local pet food abattoir, Jacob found himself impressed by the company's stringent quality control processes... impressed enough to take a sample home to feed to his beloved dogs! However, Jacob knew there was room for improvement, and the calibre of ingredients was at the top of his list. His passion for a superior pet food resulted in Tame Wolf: a first in the local market to provide prime feed for pets.

Tame Wolf (2024) began with me, an owner of six Rottweilers, and my quest to improve their standard of life. I was able to witness firsthand the drastic change in their health, and behaviour, after transitioning them from generic brands to Tame Wolf. It was through this dietary change that I met Jacob, and my confidence in his product led me to pick up the brand where he left off. With Jacob's permission, the Tame Wolf 2024 team will carry on his legacy of providing cost effective, healthy food to pet owners in New Zealand. I believe in our range, and I believe in its benefits. It's natural and pure; it's Paleo for dogs and cats!

Jacob launched in May 2020 in the Waikato region and grew rapidly. We're relaunching now, in early 2024, hence our new identity: Tame Wolf 2024, and we'll be providing to pet owners in Waikato, Coromandel, and Auckland areas for years to come. 


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