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Tamewolf’s Top tips of Raw Feeding

1. Feed a weekly mix of 2 or 3 proteins, organs and tripe. Change it up for the best nutrition.

2. Feed raw bones with meat and fat after 10 days on a raw diet (never feed cooked bones)

3. Avoid any protein that your dog has a reaction to. Many dogs have allergies to a protein type.

4. Feed 1-2 times per day, 2% of their weight, and transition gradually from current food.

5. Transition to Tamewolf over a week,

Days 1-2 use 75% existing and 25% raw,
Days 3-4 use 50% existing and 50% raw,
Days 5-6 use 25% existing and 75% raw,
Day 7 use 100% raw

6. Be sure to wash your hands when handling all the raw foods. Defrost to feed—unless its warm outside when you can feed frozen!

7. Adjust the amount if you dog loses or puts on weight

8. Feed puppies the following percentage of their body weight:

2-4 months old - 7 to 10% of their body weight
4-8 months old - 5 to 7% of their body weight
8-12 months old - 3 to 4% of their body weight
12 months+ - 2-3 % of their body weight

9. We recommend Beef Superior as our best puppy mix as it has high quality beef protein, and beef offal in it. Alternatively Goat Supreme as it contains goat meat, organs and tripe

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